Talk To Your Customers,

META supercharges your traditional Contact Center channels with mobile & social messaging on SMS, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, LINE and more.

Instead of putting customers on hold, META uses automated messaging to connect customers to the right people at your business – telling you how they are reaching out and what they are looking for.

Works With What You
Already Use

META lets your people use all the tools they are already familiar with – Zendesk, Slack, your inbox, and more — and respond to customers no matter how they reach out. Use e-mail to talk to a customer on Facebook Messenger, or Slack to chat with a customer on LINE.

Reach Customers Anywhere, Anytime

Use META to message your customers wherever they are. META allows your business to follow up with people that reach out to your business wherever they are, when you are available to chat.

Or communicate at scale with automated messaging campaigns.

It’s easy to start connecting
with every customer.

META is easy to setup – just 3 simple steps. We’ll do the heavy lifting, so start saving time for your customers and your business.

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Do even more with the META API

Know your customer

META drives conversions by learning
more about your customers. What they
are looking for, what questions they
have, how to best reach back out.

Personalize to engage

Create personalized messaging flows &
conversations to engage each user.
META can be easily configured to
automate first contact support or lead

Your business, your content

META can easily add content from your
website or knowledge base to provide
inbound or outbound messaging to tell
customers about your business,
products & services.

* Integration may require business account, bot account or phone number transfer for SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger,
WeChat, Whatsapp, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk, Telegram, Skype/Lync, Slack, Microsoft Teams